Serious problem

Hi all,

I demolished my third PowerBook Pismo two days ago as I had to swap disks too many times (broken hard disk controller?). I don't have any PPC machine left to continue my work on MintPPC. I am looking for some volunteers to pay a donation to me so I can buy a seond hand G4 desktop. I am happy with 100 euro in total. Once I have the money I can buy the new machine and continue working on MintPPC 11.

Thanks for your understanding.

Jeroen Diederen aka Linuxopjemac

An update about the donations, the following persons gave something to this project:

Ted Waddell: $10
David Maloney: $29
Masanobu Tsuchiya: $20
Half Moon Inc.: $35
Ted Goranson: $40
Thomas Carlson: $25
Christopher Ditz: $15
Billy Bowers: $10
Thanks to all of you I could buy a new G4 MDD.